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Maggie Herskowitz

Writer, Actress, Game Developer, Scientist, Wood Nymph



“A truly magical evening… this is a show you just cannot miss. Loch Lomond is a genuinely beautiful new play that should become a musical theater standard.”

- Westside Theatre Reviews

“At once a sweeping musical about desire (for independence, for glory, for love) and an intimate look at the many ties that bind people together… I heard several gasps, many sniffles, and a good amount of all-out crying… songs are beautiful and evocative… LOCH LOMOND will transport you to a different time and place and fill your heart with emotion.”


“Herskowitz has fashioned a compelling musical… truly a three-handkerchief event. Fair warning. Come prepare to be moved.”
-Judy Nedry Theatre Reviews

A majestic musical tragedy… Reilly’s music and Herskowitz’s lyrics allow emotions to swell and soar like helium balloons… poetically devastating.”

-Oregon Arts Watch

Maggie Herskowitz likes to keep busy by playing in imaginary worlds in various capacities, primarily as a screenwriter, playwright, musical theatre writer, and actress. Selected credits:

SCREENWRITING: The scripted animated "reality show" "RIVAL PEAK" on Facebook through DJ2 Entertainment, and its live-action counterpart "RIVAL SPEAK" hosted by Wil Wheaton. Feature screenplay "THE UN-EFF-ABLE SAM BISTRITZKY" winner of multiple festivals awards. Upcoming interactive movie for Sixty40 Studios.


COMPUTER GAMES: Best-selling multi-award-winning "MONSTER PROM" with over 500,000+ downloads, as well as its sequels "SECOND TERM" and "MONSTER CAMP." Additional writing for "MAX GENTLEMEN."  Tabletop RPG "MOONPUNK." "WITCH OF THE WILDERNESS" through her own female-led studio focused on intersectional feminism and environmentalism.

AS ACTRESS: Originated the lead in many NYC theater productions, including Wendy in "THE CAPTURE OF WENDY DARLING" (Off-Broadway at Times Scare), "Mouse" in "HOW LION AND MOUSE BECAME FRIENDS" (HarlemArts), Cheryl in "UNDER HER HAT" (Ta-Da! Theatre), and "Lizzy" in "FITZWILLIAM LOVES LIZZY" (Manhattan Repertory Theater). Featured in several episodes of "MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM" on the Travel Channel, and as the leading lady in an improv murder mystery troupe touring the tri-state area.


Herskowitz is currently earning her Masters of Science in International Animal Welfare, Ethics, and Law through the University of Edinburgh's Royal Veterinary School's distance learning program. 

THEATRE WRITING: Musicals: "BETWEEN GODS AND KINGS" (Off-Broadway at Bedlam Bar), "LOCH LOMOND" (NAMT finalist and two-time fall conference exhibition, Broadway Rose Portland, Oregon), "PRINCESS TEN TEN AND THE DARK SKIES" (CalState Riverside, Gluck Orchestra, and regional tour productions). Straight plays: "A HAPPY OCCASION," "THE GREAT BIG BLUE" (Drama League Residency), "THE MAID AND THE CHORUS ARE ALIVE" (PublicWorks Department Residency), "WELLNESS" (American Shakespeare Center's New Contemporaries semi-finalist)

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