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Maggie Herskowitz

Writer, Actress, Game Developer, Scientist, Wood Nymph


Maggie Herskowitz likes to keep busy by using her imagination to create as an actress and writer across media (including musical theater, video games, and screenwriting), and as an animal welfare scientist to imagine ways to create a more compassionate world.

Most recently, LOCH LOMOND (Book & Lyrics by Maggie Herskowitz, Music by Neil Douglas Reilly) had a sold-out NYC workshop as the inaugural show of the new Stage Door Foundation's Broadway Workroom series. You can read more about LOCH LOMOND here.


SCREENWRITING: The scripted animated 'reality show' RIVAL PEAK on Facebook through DJ2 Entertainment, and its live-action counterpart RIVAL SPEAK hosted by Wil Wheaton. Feature screenplay THE UN-EFF-ABLE SAM BISTRITZKY winner of multiple festivals awards. Songs for the short films MURRAY GHOST, SMILE, and QUEEN OF SPACE.

COMPUTER GAMES: Best-selling award-winning MONSTER PROM with over 500,000+ downloads, its sequels SECOND TERM and MONSTER CAMP. Additional writing for MAX GENTLEMEN.  Writing for a spin-off of a huge triple-A franchise, which may or may not ever see the light of day but it was really cool at the time, I promise. Tabletop RPG MOONPUNK.

THEATRE WRITING: Musicals: BETWEEN GODS AND KINGS (Off-Broadway at Bedlam Bar), LOCH LOMOND (NAMT finalist and two-time fall conference exhibition, Broadway Rose Portland, Oregon), PRINCESS TEN TEN AND THE DARK SKIES (CalState Riverside, Gluck Orchestra, and regional tour productions). Straight plays: A HAPPY OCCASION, THE GREAT BIG BLUE (Drama League Residency), THE MAID AND THE CHORUS ARE ALIVE (PublicWorks Department Residency), WELLNESS (American Shakespeare Center's New Contemporaries semi-finalist).

AS ACTRESS: Originated the lead in many NYC theater productions, including Wendy in THE CAPTURE OF WENDY DARLING (Off-Broadway at Times Scare), 'Mouse' in HOW LION AND MOUSE BECAME FRIENDS (HarlemArts), 'Cheryl' in UNDER HER HAT (Ta-Da! Theatre), and 'Lizzy' in FITZWILLIAM LOVES LIZZY (Manhattan Repertory Theater). Featured in several episodes of MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM on the Travel Channel, and as the leading lady in an improv murder mystery troupe touring the tri-state area.


AS SCIENTIST: Maggie graduated with honors from the University of Edinburgh's Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies, earning her Master of Science in International Welfare, Ethics, and Law. Her dissertation pertained to the year-long exhibiton protocols of zoo-housed mammals, and she is currently in the process of publishing both her literary review and analytical paper, with plans to bring the study to Europe with her supervisor, Prof. Xavier Manteca Vilanova of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has been a featured guest on podcasts such as 'Tracey Hotchner's Exotic Pets' and an upcoming episode of 'Real Men Eat Plants' on advocacy. She was selected by the AZA-accredited Aquarium of the Pacific to discuss the importance of enrichment in aviculture and mammology. Maggie uses her YouTube channel, Mad About Animals Mags, as a way to perform comedic, accessible science communication... and show off her adorable pet rats.

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