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Maggie Herskowitz

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 5'1
Education: BA Psychology CSULA cum laude

Boston Conservatory of Music - theater major


Mysteries at the Museum          Sarah Sutherland           The Travel Channel

Mysteries at the Museum          Cult Wife                          The Travel Channel
Miss Adventure (Pilot)               Cadet Kiddo                    Six7Nine Productions
What Do You Stand For?           Carli 
(lead)                        Jewish Learning Institute
Touched                                      Jessica
 (lead)                    dir. Jonathan Lamonte
Static                                           Katie (lead)                       dir. Arianna Sharma

Dirty Rotten Bastards                Juliana (lead)                    dir. Kyle Davis


Acting: Fran Charnas, Maureen Brennan, Jennifer Gelfer (Haymarket Annex)

Dance: Ballet (5 years), Jazz (3 years), Tap (2 years)

Voice: Mezzo-Soprano Belter w/legit

James Javore, Jeffrey Allen

Workshops: Jason Alexander

Gina Hecht (Beverly Hills Playhouse)

New York Theater

"Captain Hook's Cabaret: The

Capture of Wendy Darling"       Wendy Darling                  Times Scare Kids

Fitzwilliam Loves Lizzy               Elizabeth Bennet              Manhattan Repertory Theater

"The Maid and The Chorus

Are Alive"                                     Maid                                  Public Works Department               

Under Her Hat!                           Cheryl Roth-Chen            E.A.T. Tada! Theater

Lion and Mouse . . .                    Mouse                               HarlemArts
Happily N'Ever After                   Lillian White                      Laugh With You

Mafia Mayhem                           Selena Fairvoice               Laugh With You
My Sky is Falling                         Doctor K                            U.N. Envision Conference

Bacchae: A New Musical            Bacchant Trio                   Envelope Ensemble

Electra                                         Chorus                               Envelope Ensemble

Pop-Culture Geek Burlesque     Host                                    Stage 72/Triad Theater

Fangirl TV: Live!                          Special Guest                    The Producer's Club

Six years figure skating, black-belt in karate, horse-back riding, stage combat, speaks conversational guinea pig. Excellent with dialects (including RP, French, Irish), facile with IPA

Types 120 words per minute

Violet                                          Young Violet                       Musical Theater Guild L.A.

Gruesome . . . Injuries               Kayleen                               The Boston Conservatory

Falsettos                                     Jason                                   The Boston Conservatory

Very Good Eddie                        Featured Singer                 The Boston Conservatory
Cinderella (R&H)                        Cinderella                           Eclectic Theater Co,. L.A.

. . .  World Goes 'Round             Lead                                    Eclectic Theater Co., L.A.

Regional/Educational Theater

Fitzwilliam Loves Lizzy             Playwright                          Manhattan Repertory Theater

The Maid and Chorus...           Playwright                          Public Works Department Sanctuary City

Loch Lomond                            Lyrics & Libretto               Developmental Workshops  

The Edelweiss Pirates               Lyrics & Libretto                Northeast Children's Theatre Co.

The Boy, The King, & The Flower      Lyrics & Libretto                The 47th Street Theater

Dust                                           Lyrics & Libretto                The 47th Street Theater

Figment                                     Lyrics & Libretto                The Boston Conservatory

Mulholland the Musical           Lyrics                                  Developmental Workshop

Gods & Kings                             Lyrics                                  Developmental Workshop         

Related Experience

Rocky Broadway Production Assistant Ahrens & Flaherty, Meehan (dir: Alex Timbers)

            2011 Lincoln Center workshop and Brooklyn Lyceum Workshop

"Nice Fighting You..." at 54 Below Assistant to Mr. Flaherty

Lucky Stiff (Film 2012) Assistant to Ahrens & Flaherty (dir: Chris Ashley)



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