Maggie Herskowitz was the recipient of a 2016 Drama League Residency for her play The Great Big Blue (playwright) and materials from her musical Loch Lomond (book & lyrics) were chosen by the National Alliance for Musical Theater to be on display at their 2016 & 2018 Fall
Conference. Commissioned works: adapting Oscar-nominee Susan Seidelman’s film "Musical Chairs" (featuring Laverne Cox) into a stage musical and creating musicals based on the first book in the Guardian Princess Alliance series, "Princess Ten Ten and the Dark Skies" by Setsu Shigematsu. Upcoming original musicals include Mina and the Monster, Nova Chicago, and a full-length The Boy, The King, and the Flower, of which ten minutes was performed at the Off- Broadway 47th Street Theater as part of Sound Bites 2014. Her screenplay, "The Un-Eff-Able Sam Bistritzky," has won multiple awards and will hopefully be a movie one day. Other projects include lyrics for three songs for the award-winning short film "Smile" and being a lead writer on the best-selling computer game "Monster Prom" and its upcoming DLC expansion. Herskowitz resides sometimes in Los Angeles, but most times in Manhattan with her three perfect pet rats and terrible rescue dog.

More About Maggie

Maggie was born in Los Angeles, California to an actress mother (whose mother was an actress) and a writer father (whose father was a writer). Her parents, Gina Hecht and Brian Herskowitz, have been her greatest teachers and biggest inspiration from the beginning, and she owes everything she knows about everything to them. She began studying as a full-time university student at California State University, Los Angeles when she was fourteen years old. She made her professional debut as 'Young Violet'  in the Musical Theater Guild L.A.s production of Violet the same day she graduated university cum laude at the age of eighteen. Herskowitz earned her degree in Psychology and was prepared to go to graduate school for animal behaviorism and had volunteered at various animal shelters and at the Los Angeles Zoo, including work in the Research & Statistics department (monitoring baby snow leopards!!! The cutest!) and was super ready to pursue a career in ethology but then at the last minute she was like . . .  "nah, I'mma just be an actress," as one does.


At that turning point, Maggie threw together some last minute applications to BFA programs to get a second undergraduate degree and was accepted as a musical theater performance major at the Boston Conservatory. It was there that she wrote her first musical, Figment, which was given a staged reading at the Boston Conservatory her sophomore year.  Herskowitz left school and moved to New York to work for Tony Award-winners Ahrens & Flaherty on a variety of projects, including Rocky, Little Dancer, and Nice Fighting You, experiences which encouraged her love of theater writing and gave her a front-row seat to how the best of the best work. 


Favorite acting projects include: Mysteries at the Museum (Travel Channel), My Sky is Falling (United Nations Envision Conference), Under Her Hat (E.A.T. Festival), Lion & Mouse (HarlemArts), Electra (Envelope Ensemble), and most recently starring as Wendy Darling in Hook's Cabaret (Times Scare) and as The Maid in The Maid and The Chorus Are Alive (The Public Works Department Sanctuary City).

She coaches figure skating during the winter season and has volunteered at the National Eating Disorders Association since January 2016, including being one of the volunteers selected to represent the organization at the 2016 NEDA Conference in Chicago.