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Monster Prom (Writer) –   Maggie Herskowitz was one of two writers - along with childhood friend Cory O'Brien (Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes) - on the award-winning and best-selling "Monster Prom," the first multiplayer dating sim, and she has stayed on the team for  its DLC "Monster Prom: Second Term" and subsequent sequels "Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp," "Monster Prom 3: Monster Memories," and "Monster Prom: Reverse." Monster Prom has amassed a large and dedicated fanbase, with playthroughs by BuzzFeed games, Jesse Cox, Cryaotic, Jesse Cox, Jacksepticeye, and more YouTube celebrities. Awards include Best Narrative (Casual Connect 2017), Finalist: Best Narrative & Best Multiplayer (BIC Fest 2017).

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“Each of these individual [potential love] interests is fantastically written, with witty one-liners and the most oddball answers you could imagine. Do not be surprised if you end up talking an unwitting accomplice into replacing the school’s drinking water with mosquitoes or releasing party goblins on unsuspecting alumni… all carried through by superbly silly writing… A great art style and some amazing writing make it easy to just plug in and replay. If you are ready to go back to high school, but just because this time it might really be the end of the world, then Monster Prom is worth a selling your soul for, or just buy it on Steam instead.” –

“Each character of Monster Prom has hilarious traits that make each situation a pleasure to read through. Sitting with friends and witnessing the game’s comedic insanity had all four of us dying of laughter... Monster Prom is full of life thanks to its hilarious cast, and with its surprisingly smart writing, the game rarely fails to be humorous. ” –

“Thematically, Monster Prom is a fantastic black sheep in the dating sim scene. Its narrative is highly polished and milks the irony of its setting to full effect. I came across numerous funny or die moments, and according to the end game stats, I only unlocked a tiny fraction of playable events...  Fantastic interactions, its satirical narrative, and the monster theme offer a unique spin” –

“Monster Prom’s bite-sized visual novel format is brilliantly executed… the goofy, self-aware dialogue and fast pace makes this a great couch co-op game, even with friends unfamiliar with dating sims… I never would have imagined a multiplayer dating sim working, but boy, does Monster Prom work. It rests on a framework of superb character art and hilarious scenario writing, then goes several steps further to offer a challenging competitive experience and an addictive solo one. I still haven’t discovered everything or dated everyone at the Monster Prom, but by ghouly, this game made me want to.” –


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MoonPunk (Writer) –   Maggie is thrilled to join the team of MoonPunk by Wannabe Games for her first foray into tabletop gaming (think "Dungeons and Dragons" if you're unfamiliar with #TTRPG). MoonPunk is a Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) system story about punks on the moon fighting fascism, a parable about direct action told through awesome space lore. The kickstarter will be going live November 1st, 2019. Check out the landing page here:

Feral Fairy, Inc.


Feral Fairy, Inc. is a new game studio started by Maggie, to serve as a platform for women in games and to promote her agenda of inclusivity, environmentalism, body positivity, and imagination. Their first game, "Witch of the Wilderness," a dating sim/visual novel about a coven of diverse witches fighting the climate apocalypse with magic,  is currently in production. A portion of the profits to benefit climate justice organizations. Check out more about Feral Fairy, Inc. and the project at

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